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Installation & Setup

WordPress site, theme and plugin installation and configuration. Freemium and premium both types of the theme are supported except null and crack theme. Multisite included if needed.

$25.00 / 1 Day

  • New WordPress installation & setup
  • Theme installation & setup like demo
  • Plugins installation & general setup
  • Database creation
  • Delivery within a day
  • Revision 3 times

Customization & Enhancement

WordPress premium or freemium theme customization & enhancement except null/crack theme. The unique features of this customization service include responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, ecoommerce functionality, fastest delivery, and much much more.

$30.00 / 2 Days

  • Design customization
  • Content upload
  • Responsive design
  • Pages - Up to 4
  • Plugins installaton - Up to 7
  • Products - Up to 7
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Revision 3 times

$50.00 / 5 Days

  • Design customization
  • Content upload
  • Responsive design
  • Pages - Up to 7
  • Plugins installaton - Up to 10
  • Products - Up to 10
  • Delivery within 5 days
  • Revision 3 times

$70.00 / 8 Days

  • Design customization
  • Content upload
  • Responsive design
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • Pages - Up to 12
  • Plugins installaton - Up to 15
  • Products - Up to 15
  • Delivery within 8 days
  • Revision 3 times

Migration & Backup

Migrate the WordPress site from one host to another host without any downtime. Backup whole website to local drive or cloud.

$30.00 / 2 Days

  • Migration - One host to another host
  • Backup - Keep backup to local or cloud drive
  • Software version upgrade
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Revision 3 times

Optimization & Performance

WordPress pages loading speed optimization according to Google PSI (PageSpeed Insights) & GtMetrix speed test tools. There are several steps that can be taken to optimize a page. The steps are listed below.

$60.00 / 5 Days

  • Software version upgrade
  • Browser caching
  • Minification
  • Database optimization
  • Resize photos - file size
  • Configure and optimize .htaccess file
  • Delivery within 5 days
  • Revision 3 times

Debugging & fixes

In this service, you can found solutions to common, complex WordPress errors & bug issues. Bug types: WordPress error, error establishing database connections, fetal error problem, memory exhausted error, call to undefine error problem, fix layout issues, connection timed out error, fix any PHP, JS, MySQL database & CSS errors, fix theme, plugin & plugin add-on/extensions errors, WP installation, setup, update & login issue, WP white screen issue, fix broken layout, HTTP error 403 - forbidden, post returning 404 error, [.]htaccess error, auto-update issue or error, WooCommerce plugin & add-on/extensions issue, WooCommerce plugin installation, setup & update issue, WooCommerce cart/checkout issue, WooCommerce layout issue.

$30.00 / 2 Days

  • Bug investigation
  • Fix documentation
  • Delivery within 2 days
  • Revision 3 times

Do you have any Question?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that I hear from my appreciated customers.

Yes, you can work on any type of WordPress theme and plugin, but only according to the features and rules mentioned in the service section.

Since the entire money transaction is through the Upwork Marketplace, Upwork will evaluate your work and guarantee you the money. Go to this page to know more about this. But personally I will determine the quality of work based on your evaluation and satisfaction.

No, you will not have to create an Upwork account. Any time action is needed on your part Upwork will send you an email and link to the webpage where you can take the needed action.

Mentioned services in case of fixed price such as WordPress site installation, customization, migration, optimization and debugging.

Within 1 to 2 working days, you will receive a email contract via Upwork. However, it is better if you contract me using the instant chat on my site

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